What You Need to Know About Auto Maintenance

May 4, 2016

What You Need to Know About Auto Maintenance

When you buy a car, the goal is to have it running smoothly for as long as possible. You want to get a long life out of your expensive vehicle. In order for that to happen you need to learn how to maintain your vehicle so that you get the performance out of it you deserve. There are certain routine maintenance tasks that you have to get performed on your car, if you want it to run well.

One of the best ways to keep track of this fact is by mileage. Here are some common auto maintenance scenarios you need to routinely check on that will keep your car in tip top shape. Swift Automotive is happy to schedule any of these routine maintenance issues for you to have your car in the best shape for the duration that you drive it.


Routine Oil Changes


Check the owner's manual of your vehicle, but for the most part your full service oil change should be performed every 3,000 miles. At Swift, when you come in for an oil change we also do a 44 point visual inspection of your vehicle. This also includes using a premium blend motor oil, and high quality oil filter. All this detail is to ensure that the oil is your vehicle is clean and running smoothly. We’ll even top off your other vehicle fluids as a courtesy if you need us to.


Tire Replacement


Tires don’t last forever. As the tread wears out, they become less able to handle the road in a safe manner for you. This is especially true during inclement weather like heavy rain or snow in the winter months. Although it’s nice most of the year in Colorado, you may want to get up to the mountains to do a little winter sporting.

So you are going to want to update your tires about every five years. Have them inspected by Swift on a yearly basis to make sure there aren’t any microscopic punctures, or uneven wear that could cause you trouble while driving.


Brake Pad and Rotor Repairs


This is another part of your vehicle that routinely needs to be updated. Brake pads wear out, so you are going to want to change them. There isn’t a set time to replace this part of your car, you are going to have to listen and feel while driving for indications that they might need to be replaced. Squealing, brakes stuttering, or other signs that it’s harder to brake might lead you to check if they need to be replaced. We are always happy to provide a free brake inspection anytime to ensure that this very important part of your vehicle is running right.


Transmission Flush


This is a routine part of maintenance that usually needs to be performed after every 30,000 miles that you drive the vehicle. Some car manuals suggest this needs to be performed every two years, or after 24,000 miles. It will depend on how much, and where you mostly drive your car.


Seasonal Maintenance


The two parts of seasonal maintenance that you want to keep tabs on is your air conditioning and heating systems. Scheduling an appointment at the beginning of the Winter and Summer seasons is going to allow the auto repair technician to make sure that your systems are working to their peak ability. You may just need to replace the interior filter to keep the air flow as smooth as possible. That’s an easy routine fix but if you need more extensive repair, the technician will be able to let you know beforehand.

Other Unexpected Maintenance


More than likely if you have purchased a new vehicle it comes with a specific factory warranty that covers a variety of things that aren't basic maintenance. So if you discover a problem with your car, find out exactly what your car manufacturer covers for you. It might be helpful if you encounter a costly repair that you didn’t anticipate, and isn’t your fault.

Matt Kuchera