Courtesy Services

We offer a couple of courtesy inspections to help keep our customers aware of future needs and help to keep our customers safe on the road. We offer a basic vehicle and safety inspection. We also offer an Alignment inspection. This is purely an opportunity for us to earn your trust and identify any mechanical safety issues. Of course we don't do any repairs without the customer's authorization, and there is never any pressure from us! Our goal is to keep our customer's safe on the road. Please see our courtesy inspections as articulated specifically below.


ALIGNMENT inspection

This free service includes checking to ensure that the tires are properly inflated. We inspect the front and rear suspension, we inspect the camber, caster and toe adjustments. We verify the steering wheel position and road test the vehicle to ensure that there are no adverse issues with the alignment itself. If your alignment is off, it can cause steering control issues and be costly with destroying your tires?


VEHICLE inspection

Our vehicle inspection includes checking all fluids,belts, hoses and safety items on your vehicle. Colorado weather is beautiful but also can be deceiving. Due to the fluctuation of our temperatures from hot to cold, sometimes in just a few hours, your vehicles components can begin to break down sooner than normal. Even tire pressure will change drastically overnight. We stress to all our customers to have their vehicles checked on a regular basis to catch any concerns before they become problems. Hindsight is always 20/20. let us be your hindsight!